Special Projects:

Recently we have developed a good working relationship with a number of prestigious film studios, often they have requirements for specialised equipment. The prime considerations on this type of equipment are prompt delivery and reliability. Roshe Power Ltd. were able to provide suitable equipment that enabled shooting to begin on schedule.

Photo - High power, Low voltage lighting transformer Lighting equipment plays a vital role on a film set. and we have recently built these high power custom lighting transformers

There has also been a requirement for a radio contolled 'Q device' to ensure that actors and special effects were on time, once again, Roshe Power Ltd. 'delivered the goods' and designed and built battery powered aparatus to suit the task. Q Box - Click here for instruction sheet

Stage Status Indicator Board - Click here for instructions The need for contractors to be aware of the status on a set is obvious, to ensure that this may be done with ease, we have developed the 'Stage Status Indicator Board'. This remote controlled device also has Auxillary outputs to allow for duplicate warnings to be installed.

If you need help or advice on a special project, please feel free to contact us:

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