Power ratings of popular domestic equipment.

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(check individual rating labels or instructions wherever possible)

Equipment Current/Power rating Recommended Transformer
Electric razors 0.05A x 120V = 6VA Use 30VA Transformer.
Radios 0.1 A x 120V = 12VA Use 30VA Transformer.
C.D. Players 0.15A x 120V = 18VA Use 30VA Transformer.
Christmas tree lights 0.2 A x 120V = 24VA Use 30VA Transformer.
Epilators 0.3 A x 120V = 36VA Use 50VA Transformer.
Games console 0.35A x 120V = 42VA Use 50VA Transformer.
Heat Lamps 0.45A x 120V = 54VA Use 100VA Transformer.
Nebulisers 0.8A x 120V = 96VA Use 100VA Transformer.
Hi-Fi Varies - see Rating panel Typically 100 - 300VA
Curling tongs 1.6 A x 120V = 192VA Use 200VA Transformer.
Computers 1.66A x 120V = 200VA Use 300VA Transformer.
Travel irons 4.16A x 120V = 500VA Use 500VA Transformer.
Electric kettles 8.4A x 120V = 1000VA Use 1KVA Transformer.
Hairdryers 14A x 120V = 1700VA Use 2KVA Transformer.

If Power rating is not specified, it can be calculated from the following equation:

Power (W or VA) =Amps x Volts

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