The "Light Sophistication" Range of Lighting Transformers.

The Roshe Power "Light Sophistication" Range of low voltage power supplies is by definition elegant enough to enhance any low voltage lighting display. The unique transformer casing in combination with the performance, quality, reliability and safety features, makes this range of lighting transformers superb value for money. Each "Light Sophistication" model comprises a secure airflow casing, top mounted fuse sockets which allow the output fuses to be simply and quickly changed. A modern Euro three-pin plug and socket (with a spare fuse) supplies the mains power and two-pin US-Style plug sockets provide the output connections. In addition, above each output socket is a red indicator which flashes to denote a specific circuit fault or blown fuse. The toroidal transformer in both models have individual output windings, featuring an encapsulated centre for safe, secure mounting. The transformer is protected from overheating and short circuits.

The "Light Sophistication" low voltage models include:

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