Filters, Suppressors, and Chokes. Toroidal, Laminated, Rod, and Axial.

Roshe Power pride themselves on their experience and expertise regarding their comprehensive range of manufactured filters, suppressors and chokes. Electro- magnetic interference control (EMIC) is tackled effectively and economically with our designs.

Typically, in order for a suppression filter to be effective, it must be designed to function with the electrical characteristics of the mains input power and the device or product to be isolated, our products therefore tend to be custom built.

The Roshe Power range includes the following products:

Filter Modules: Mains and low voltage applications, single, double and multistage. Potted versions in UL94V0 resin, incorporating earthline choke, varistor and discharge resistor.

Chokes Energy storage or suppression, low, intermediate, and high frequency.

Specification: All designs conform to relevant BS613, BS800 and VDE, CISPR, UL, CSA.

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