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3-5 Oct 2000: Coilwinding 2000

This year R.P.L. decided to exhibit at this established bi-annual event, as it is a good opportunity to meet with existing contacts, and to meet new friends.
We were not disapointed, as this year it was especially well attended, perhaps due to other businesses sharing in our good fortune and thriving following the lean times in the late 1990's.
Photographs taken at the show follow:

After a very hectic day travelling to the N.E.C. and setting up the stand, we are pleased with our efforts, and return to our hotel for a well earned rest.

The show gave us an opportunity to discuss our customers needs.

Mr Apsey of Lawrence Burns Instruments discusses H.T. devices with Shemi.

A prize draw to win a "Hornby" Model Train set was kindly drawn by Diana Shepstone the Event Manager of Coil Winding 2000 at 3 o'clock on thursday 5th.
And the winner was....
Dr Wu Jin of ABB Metering Ltd.
In Luton.
The "Marshaller" Train set will be arriving in Luton shortly.

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